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Storm Water Permitting Compliance for Municipalities and Businesses

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Know how to use your stormwater permit to direct a comprehensive stormwater management.

Think back fifteen years ago. Storm water management at municipalities, factories, and warehouses focused on keeping water off the streets and occasionally repairing a failing catch basin. Storm water issues were typically 'out of sight, out of mind' unless a drenching rain event drew attention to a clogged pipe or eroding channel. Now, as we begin 2018, municipalities and businesses are assigning staff into the role of storm water manager to adopt a more sophisticated approach to storm water management. Storm water managers will grapple with a mix of increased regulatory mandates, greater frequency of flooding events, deteriorating infrastructure, and the downstream effects of upstream development.
This information will define how to use your storm water permit to direct a comprehensive storm water management approach that includes site master planning, long-term engineering strategies, employee and public education, finance, and recordkeeping. Such an approach provides storm water managers with a clear understanding of current and future storm water responsibilities so they can get out of operating in 'response mode' and help that scarce dollar go farther.


Nathan Walker, AICP, Amec Foster Wheeler

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