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Recent Developments in Graywater Reuse

OnDemand Webinar (69 minutes)

Learn how to design and implement Graywater Systems.

Use of graywater has the potential to achieve up to 30% reduction in demand for potable water. While there is great interest in graywater reuse, its application is not yet widespread due to lack of knowledge on appropriate applications, treatment systems and how to navigate the regulatory framework. This topic will describe what graywater is and its potential to achieve water savings in different residential and commercial applications. You will have an understanding of the components of a graywater reuse systems and resources to guide you through the regulatory and permitting process.


Sybil E. Sharvelle, Colorado State University



• Graywater Definition

• Graywater Quality

• Potential for Water Savings

Graywater System Design

• Components for Graywater Irrigation

• Components for Graywater System to Flush Toilets

Implementation of Graywater Reuse

• Appropriate Alternatives for Integration Into Current Urban Infrastructure

• Potential for Commercial Water Users

Current State of Regulations