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Groundwater Contamination Principles and Remedies

OnDemand Webinar (83 minutes)

Understand the process required for incorporating groundwater migration/remediation concepts into your case/project.Groundwater contamination sites and groundwater water supply systems are complex and the manner in which they are managed are dependent on constantly changing technologies, regulations and water conditions. Understanding the transport phenomena and geologic features that influence chemical/plume migration in groundwater systems is important to gain an appreciation of what to look for in your case/project. This information will help you understand how to navigate through groundwater transport issues and then how to understand the process required for incorporating groundwater migration/remediation concepts into your case/project. As part of this topic, methods required for analyzing the results of field investigations and how best to understand the regulatory implications of a site/chemical management strategy are explained. Failing to have an understanding of the proper concepts and latest technologies on your case/project can have a direct impact on your goals. This topic is critical for those involved with groundwater cases/projects and can expedite your understanding of complex concepts into easily recognizable terms.


Joe Odencrantz, PH.D., P.E., Tri-S Environmental


Groundwater Basics

• Flow and Darcy's Law

• Confined vs. Unconfined Aquifers

• Transport Processes-Dispersion, Sorption and Biodegradation

Water Supply Considerations

• Vertical Migration Factors

• Evaluation of Plume Extent

• The Mass Flux Mixing Approach

Contaminant Transport Considerations

• Petroleum vs. Chlorinated Solvents vs. Gasoline Additives

• Unique Properties That Impact Migration/Remediation

• Methods for Determining Long-Term Impacts

• Remediation Technologies and Cleanup Approaches