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Assessment of Aging Asbestos Cement Pipe Systems

OnDemand Webinar (97 minutes)

Gain the tools to assess the condition and remaining service life of asbestos cement pipes.Thousands of miles of asbestos cement (AC) pipe in North America are reaching the end of their anticipated service life. Asbestos cement pipe applications include water distribution systems, sanitary sewers, and industrial process piping. With typical replacement or rehabilitation costs for underground systems at greater than $1M per mile, system managers and owners must determine where to focus limited funds and how to optimize mainline replacement. This topic provides AC pipe system operators with some of the tools necessary to assess the condition and remaining service life of AC pipe within their specific system. Application of these tools will be demonstrated using actual case studies.


Mateusz Radlinski, Ph.D., P.E., Exponent Failure Analysis Associates


AC Pipe Degradation

• Material Characterization

• Degradation Mechanisms

• Failure Modes

• Factors Influencing Degradation

AC Pipe Condition Assessment

• Sample Selection

• Methods of Testing Physical and Chemical Properties of Pipe Samples

• Interpretation of Test Results

Prediction of Remaining Service Life

• Modeling Based on Pipe and Actual Load Conditions

• Modeling Based on System Leak Rates

• Application of Predictive Model to System Wide Replacement Plan

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