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EPA's New Regulated Waste Definition Under RCRA

OnDemand Webinar (87 minutes)

Learn how to classify waste and analyze exceptions or exemptions that may apply.The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has revised its solid and hazardous waste rules under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) to provide for different means of defining when a waste is regulated, whether it is a solid waste, or hazardous waste. In addition, the EPA has addressed issues relating to when a waste generator is regulated and to the degree to which the generator is regulated. This topic will walk you through the history of the rules, challenges that arose, and how the rules have changed. It will provide a how to approach to classifying waste and analyzing exceptions or exemptions that may apply.


Scott D. Deatherage, Gardere


What Are the New Regulatory Amendments Related to When a Waste Is a Solid Waste?

What Are the New Regulatory Amendments Related to Classifying a Solid Waste as a Hazardous Waste?

What Are the Exceptions for These Rules to Allow a Material to Avoid Regulation as a Solid or Hazardous Waste If It Is Being Reuse or Recycled?

How Has EPA Addressed Issues of the Amount of Hazardous Waste Generated by a Generator and the Rules That Apply to Them Based on That Size?

What Are Enforcement Issues That May Arise Around Hazardous Waste Generation and the Amount of Waste Generated?

How Should Generators Deal With These Enforcement Actions?

How Have Some of These Enforcement Actions Been Successfully Resolved?