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The Truth About Water Damage Restoration and Mold

OnDemand Webinar (100 minutes)

Know the truth behind water damage restoration and mold and how it effects on our indoor environment.Water gives life to every living organism in the world, but it also provides one of the key elements for mold growth. This program will reveal the truth behind water damage restoration and mold. The topic will discuss the importance of rapid response and the key factors in reducing and minimizing organic growth. When the window of opportunity for water mitigation passes, the speaker will expose how and where mold growth will likely occur, the potential health impact of fungi and the hazards to building construction. The program will talk about techniques that increase and reduce risks including sampling, the use of disinfectants and applying coatings over the mold. The audience will certainly learn more about this unseen kingdom and its effects on our indoor environment.


William A. Weber, CR, CMRS, Richard Avelar & Associates



The Emergency Call and the Need for Rapid Response

• Water Extraction

• Saturated Material Removal

• Hidden Areas and Voids

• Specialty Drying Equipment

• The First 48-72 Hours

Longer Term Material Saturation

• Five Factors Required for Mold Growth

• Water Damage Indicator Molds

• Where the Mold Typically Starts Growing First

Health Hazards Associated With Mold

• Mycotoxins

• Allergens

Personal Property Impacted by Water and or Mold

• Can It Be Dried Effectively?

• Can It Be Cleaned and Restored?

Do's and Don'ts

• Mold Sampling

• Disturbance

• Anti-Microbials

• Encapsulation

Summary and Conclusion