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Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) Implementation

OnDemand Webinar (84 minutes)

Make sure you are in compliance with TSCA regulations.

Lack of adherence to the TSCA regulations can result in injury or illness. The injury can be acute or chronic. Fines and work stoppages can be a result on noncompliance with TSCA. Noncompliance with TSCA can result in not being able to bid on certain jobs. After this topic, you will understand the TSCA regulations and how to comply with them in the most cost effective manner possible. You will understand how a chemical is added to the list and how to determine how the regulations affect your operations. You will learn how to determine the root cause of an incident and how to correct the underlying problem.


Keith Warwick, PE, PATTY & KEITH INC


TSCA Implementation - Compliance

• Regulators

• Company Requirements

• Regulations

TSCA Implementation - Recordkeeping

• Material Characterization

• Incident Reporting

• Quantity Reporting

TSCA Implementation - Training

• Material Handling

• Material Testing

• Chemical Safety Testing