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Incorporating Wetlands into Your Watershed Management Plan

OnDemand Webinar (84 minutes)

Gain an understanding of functions, what watershed opportunities exist, and the necessary regulatory permitting.This information provides an overview of how to integrate wetlands into watershed management planning. Topics addressed include: wetland functions; types of watershed management plans; assessing wetland resources; identifying wetlands opportunities for the watershed; and wetland permitting. These topics will benefit land use planners, ecologists, engineers, hydrologists, regulatory agency officials, attorneys, developers, water managers, and others by providing a comprehensive overview of how to improve watershed and wetland planning. Specifically, you will benefit through learning about wetland functions, what watershed opportunities exist, and the necessary regulatory permitting.


Brian Piontek, M.S., Environmental Scientist, Horizon Water & Environment, LLC Ken Schwarz, Ph.D., Principal, Horizon Water & Environment, LLC


What Are Wetlands?

• Wetlands Defined

• Wetland Functions

• Wetland Benefits

• Regulatory Considerations

What Type of Watershed Management Plan Is Needed?

• Focused Plans

• Integrated Water Resource Plans

• Land Use and General Plans

• Habitat Conservation Plans

What Are the Wetland Resources in Your Watershed?

• Existing Wetlands Assessment

• Historic Wetlands Assessment

• Future Wetland Opportunities

Integrating the Watershed Plan With Wetlands Planning

• Identifying the Opportunities

• Developing Wetland Concept Plan

• Prioritizing Short Term (1-Year) vs. Longer Term (3-5 Year) Priorities

• Wetlands for Impact Mitigation and Conservation Compliance

Wetland Permitting Considerations

• Overview of Permit Types

• When Are Permits Necessary

• When to Initiate Permitting in Planning Process