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PFAS: Regulation Updates and Minimizing Compliance and Litigation Risk

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

Understand the evolving PFAS policy, legal and remediation landscape and key drivers shaping the latest developments.Per and polyfluoroalkyl substances, also known as PFAS, are emerging as one of the nation's most significant environmental problems. The PFAS group of chemicals, which are highly mobile, persistent, and potentially toxic, are ubiquitous in the environment. They are estimated to be present in more than half of the drinking water in the United States and in hundreds of products, from clothing to food packaging to building materials. While limiting exposure to PFAS has become a priority for policy makers at both the federal and state levels, states are the most aggressive actors. Many states have enacted or proposed legislation to address PFAS contamination and have promulgated or proposed rules to regulate PFAS. Private litigants are active, especially the private well owners and public water supply systems who face mounting costs to treat PFAS or find new supplies of clean drinking water. This activity occurs against a backdrop of scientific uncertainty, which impacts the policy, legal and remediation remedies available to address PFAS management challenges. This topic will help attorneys, environmental professionals and policy officials understand the evolving PFAS policy, legal and remediation landscape and key drivers shaping the latest developments. This information will help inform your organization's strategies for how to address multifaceted PFAS management challenges.


Eric Buer, Farallon Consulting, L.L.C. Nathan Frey, RSS Group Jeff B. Kray, Marten Law LLP


The PFAS Policy Landscape

• Federal Regulatory and Legislative Policy Overview

• Key Considerations for Federal Policy

• The Growing State Regulatory and Legislative Policy Patchwork

• Key Considerations for State Policy

• Takeaways and Future Policy Considerations

A Primer on PFAS Regulation and Litigation

• Overview of Relevant Federal Statutory Authorities for Current PFAS Regulations

• Survey of State Regulatory Standards

• State Enforcement and Federal Preemption Test Cases

• Overview of Possible Litigation Claims

• Common Law Causes of Action and Case Examples

PFAS Environmental Science and Remediation

• What Are Per- and Polyfluoroakyl Substances

- Review of the PFAS Chemical Family

• Development, History, and Use

- Timeline of PFAS Development and Expanding Uses

- Modern Uses and Potential Points of Release Into the Environment

• Regulatory Overview

• Characterization and Remediation

- Potency of Part-Per-Trillion Chemicals

- Relevant Chemical Properties

- Characterization Approach for Potential Sites

- Available Remedial Technologies