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Collection and Treatment of Oily Wastewater

OnDemand Webinar (86 minutes)

Learn about the latest advancements in oil/water separation technology and secondary treatment of oil contaminated water.Industrial facilities are facing increasingly more stringent regulations covering the treatment and discharge of oily wastewater and now risk costly penalties resulting from public pressure for the government to control harmful oil spills and pollutant discharges. This information will help managers and engineers of industrial, transportation, and petroleum facilities comply with SPCC plans and meet oil discharge limitations under the new sewer pretreatment and storm water regulations with the use of a properly designed, installed, operated, and maintained oil/water separator. This material highlights the latest advancements in oil/water separation technology including enhanced oil/water separators that employ advanced hydrocarbon filtration systems for secondary treatment of oil contaminated water.


Gregory G. Aymong, Highland Tank & Manufacturing Company, Inc.


Regulations Governing Oil/Water Separators

• What Are the Regulations Impacting Industrial Facilities?

• Storm Water Discharge and Sewer Pretreatment Regulations

• SPCC Regulations

• Oil/Water Separators and UST Regulations

Effluent Quality Requirements

Sources and Treatment of Oily Wastewater

• Oil/Water Separator Applications

• How to Design for Interior and Outdoor Drainage

Selection and Design of Oil/Water Separators

• The Problem of Oil/Water Separation

• Stoke's Law and Basic Oil/Water Separation Theory

• API Separators

• Oil Interceptors

Design of Enhanced Oil/Water Separators

How to Remove Dilute Oily Compounds With Advanced Hydrocarbon Filtration Systems

How to Design a Code Compliant Oil/Water Separator System

• The Importance of API 421

• UL SU2215 Certification for Oil/Water Separators

• Designs Options for Spill and Storm Water Oil/Water Separators

Proper Installation, Operation and Maintenenace of Oil/Water Separators