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Post-Election 2020 Environmental Issues

OnDemand Webinar (66 minutes)

Understand the key areas of environmental policy that will be the focus of the Biden Administration.The election of Joseph Biden has the potential to result in an incredible change in the direction of environmental and energy policy. In the past four years, the Trump Administration was widely successful in President Trump's agenda of reducing the burden of environmental regulations and in rescinding and amending many core environmental policies and programs. There is little question that President Trump left his mark on environmental and energy policy. The Biden Administration will undoubtedly want to reverse many of these decisions. However, there are practical and legal impediments to immediate change. What campaign promises did Biden make? What will his priorities be in the first 100 days? What are his chances for success? Is America headed for a New Green Deal or perhaps Obama-lite. This topic will provide a succinct overview of what to expect.


Rafe Petersen, Holland & Knight LLP


Biden's Campaign Promises

• Biden Did Not Promise a Green New Deal

• Reenter the Paris Agreement

• Create Jobs With Renewable Energy


• Issue Executive Orders Outlining Key Administrative Policies

• Rescind Midnight Rules and Policy Decisions (e.g. Leases on Public Land)

• Revise and Replace NEPA, Clean Water Act Waters Rule, Endangered Species, Affordable Clean Energy Act, SAFE Rule, and PFAS

• Increase Enforcement

• Renewable Energy

• Bring Science and Transparency Back, Bulk up the Agencies

Chances for Success

• Congressional Review Act Will Only Be Available If the Democrats Take the Senate

• Executive Orders Are Easy, but Not Binding

• Rules Have Resiliency

• Gridlock in a Divided Government and Lack of Tax Revenue

• The Judiciary Changed Significantly