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Rainwater Harvesting

OnDemand Webinar (60 minutes)

Become familiar with best practices regarding the design and maintenance of rainwater harvesting systems.Many design teams are tasked with providing a rainwater harvesting system and often do not understand or have experience with the variety of codes, equipment, and multiple disciplines they may need to interface to get to an effective and cost-effective solution. They often think of the system as simply a tank and do not understand the fundamental components required to meet most plumbing or irrigation end-use water quality standards. This topic will help you create a basis of design to establish a system size and develop the primary pieces of equipment in a system. We will review system standards, codes, and maintenance of a well-designed rainwater system along with lessons learned and things to avoid. This course will highlight the integration of the rainwater harvesting system into the overall site development and stormwater management plan with a few case studies from different parts of the country.


David Stark, Rainwater Management Solutions


Introduction to Rainwater Harvesting

• Rainwater Harvesting Defined - Not Stormwater or Graywater

• Design Teams - Where Do We Start and Who Does What?

• Market Drivers and Other Reasons to Capture Rainwater

• Code Review and Other Building Standards

Planning and Design Development

• End Uses

• Tank Sizing - Supply and Demand

• Irrigation Design

• Plumbing Design

• Site Conditions - Groundwater, Bedrock, Depth, and Elevations

• Automated and Protected Domestic Water Supply

Specifying Equipment or a System

• Prefiltration and Four Steps

• Storage Options

• Pumping Options

• Treatment System Options

• Day Tanks

• Controls and Sensors

System Maintenance

• Design to Minimize Maintenance

• Do the Maintenance

• Water Quality Testing and Recordkeeping

Bringing It All Together

• Managing Overflow - Integrating Rainwater Harvesting Into Your Stormwater Management Plan

• Cost-Effective RWH Systems

• Questions and Answers